Rose water is said to be extracted from the flower of Mohammadi (scientific name: Rosa × damascena) and is fragrant. Rose water is obtained by distillation of freshly-sprinkled rose-flowered rose-flowered flowers, the essence of which is separated from a watery solution. It is said to have to be kept in dishes containing a small amount of air. Residues from the re-distillation of the rose water are obtained from the product Rose nobody says. If you re-distilled the Golub with two flavors, then it is a rich rose essence that is extraordinarily fragrant and in fact pure and pure rose.

The rose is the original, transparent, clear, without precipitate, and its smell is a mild flavor and no smell of rancidity. The taste of rose water is also heavy and bitter bitter, which is one of the most important signs of the origin of rose water.

"Rose or Rose or Mohammadi Essence is the most expensive essential oil in the world, every gram is equivalent to one gram of gold in the international market.

The origin
Iranians are among the first to recognize the roots of roses (Mohammadi) from the distant past. According to international documents, the origin of rose water, Iran and the source of the production of rose oil (Mohammadi) and the extract of fresh petals, Greece have been mentioned.

"Rose or Rose or Mohammadi is a plant that is native to Iran and its main homeland is Iran, which, until about 350 years ago, had no place else in Iran, and during the Safavid dynasty, when the Ottoman government of Iran was neighboring, this flower And all machine guns from Iran to Turkey and then to Syria and Bulgaria. "

Ibn Khaldun's report suggests that in the 8th and 9th centuries, Golab was one of the most important trade items of Iran, which was exported through the Silk Road to India and China. Its main production center in Iran is the land of Fars and most of the Roodab manufacturing workshops in Meymand and Firoozabad, Fars province. Each day 30,000 bottles of Meymand Fars were exported to the city during the caliphate of Baghdad between the years prior to 810-810.

According to the new documents, Iranians were the first ethnicity to extract roses, essential oils and rose water by distillation, and then transfer it to other parts of the world. Big Scientist Iran, a large research on the extraction of essential oils by distillation had.

The beneficial effects of rose water on the health of the body
The beneficial effects of rose water on the skin
One of the most important uses of rose water is to care for the skin. Rosewood is suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. One of the uses of rose water is to cleanse the skin and can be used instead of cleaning chemicals.

The other is to rejuvenate the skin so that after every time the bath is open, the pink areas are more exposed to the skin. In this case, the essential oil in the lubricant is quickly absorbed into the skin, which, due to its effects on increasing blood flow, makes the skin look good. Continuous use of this method can, of course, produce the desired effects.

Rosewater is also effective for the removal of bouts of the body. To do this, mix some rose water with a baking soda to obtain a soft paste. Then put this dough on your boils for one hour or all night (at bedtime).

Rosewood is beneficial for the scalp and hair due to its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. To do this, pour the rose water onto your scalp using a dropper.

Other health benefits of rose water:
- Due to the astringent effects of rose oil, rose water is recommended for women who have decreased libido. The use of this property by the Romans has been very common in the past.

- Due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it is suitable for washing the eyes; of course, pears used for this purpose should be free of contaminations and so-called sterilized. To relieve fatigue and pain in the eyes, you can also apply some rose water to the back of your eyelids.

Regarding the expensive Rose Essence, unfortunately, many cosmetic products contain synthetic roses that do not have the properties of natural essential oils. Natural essential oils of different varieties of roses also may not have the properties mentioned or have weak properties of these properties.

Rosewater is useful for digestive diseases such as bloating, heart disease and chronic diarrhea.

Rosewater is also effective in removing rheumatic pains.

- It can be used to treat sore throats and respiratory diseases.

Strengthens the rose, heart and stomach, distracting the anxiety.

- Rose water is the best drink for those who have chest and throat bleeding.
- Rose eliminates chest discomfort and prevents anesthesia.
Drinking a cool rose, it eliminates warmth and strengthens the body.
Sweating the rose water is beneficial for strengthening the heart and eliminating anesthesia and enhancing intrinsic senses.
- For treating people who have been tired, it is the best way to nourish the rose with some ice, so that it produces and removes bile.
Drinking and eating "Rosewater" will relieve the headache, especially headache caused by inhalation of air or noise.

The virtues of rose water and rose in the eyes of the Prophet and the infallible Imams:
* The prophet (pbuh) has been quoted as saying: "Pouring rose water on the face, water will increase the face and eliminate distress."

* In another hadith, he said: "Whatever the rose water on his face, he will not come to him on that terrible day, and when he places the rose on his face and hands, he will pray Allah, and send Salavat to Muhammad and Al-Muhammad".

* From Hazrat Sadiq (AS) it is quoted: "Whoever pours a rose on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, on that day will be safe from humiliation and distress, and every one who pours a rose on her head in that day Years of severe illness and Al-Jenab A.