Although the rose water singly is the excellent and natural skin spray. But the Kimiya osareh Company has been successful in balancing its chemical compounds with the combination of rose water and effective substances.

Tara-gol Toner ,  which is prepared  from the best rose gardens of Ghamsar near kashan , because of the mountainous climate and the particular variety (specific climate) in the area , it has the highest level of active substances , and this product has been prepared and processed

So that Tara-gol Toner can prevent wrinkling and cause to stiff the skin holes and thus increase the extraordinary shine of the skin. This solution is due to having glycerin , antioxidant and various vitamins, it prevents the symptoms of aging and it nourishes the skin, in addition, it can make the sensitive skins cool, smooth and flat; the rose water cleanses the oily skins and can balance it.

Also, Tara-gol Toner's aromatherapy can have extraordinary positive effects in helping to reduce stress, anxiety and even a lot of our sense of  positive attitude. Also the smell of rose water when sleeping can have great effects in improving sleep